When thinking of your business the stress of keeping easy to understand books can be daunting. I specialize in small business start-up. I have easy to use products that can make it more comfortable for anyone starting up a new business or wanting to find a new way to organize the business they already have. 


Our team uses QuickBooks to add new employees, run monthly or bi-weekly payroll, and file documents on behalf of the employer.


Each year can be more enjoyed with help from Mermaid Lighthouse Consulting. We have a strong understanding of State and Federal needs for each filing year.


Knowing the revenue in and your expenses out daily can help plan for the future of your business. Let MLC summarize your earnings to best suit you.

Business Reviews

Ken Klus Owner

Redwood Mechanical is a mechanical contractor business supporting breweries, wineries, and distilleries from Keizer Oregon. “Ashlei has been a life saver for my small business. She reconciles my credit cards, keeps the bills paid, and processes payroll. She has been involved with my business for four years. She keeps the business organized so I can stay focused on my projects.”